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Meet The Team

Your Partners in Success!

These are  the fantastic individuals who make up our dynamic and dedicated group. Together, we form a powerhouse of skills, creativity, and passion, all focused on one goal: ensuring your success. Let's get to know the people behind the scenes:


Darren Kaye

Founder & Owner

Meet Darren, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the mastermind steering our ship to greatness. With a remarkable decade-long journey in the engineering and technology sectors, Darren's brain is a treasure trove of knowledge – although he insists his best ideas come to him in the shower.

When Darren isn't busy revolutionizing our industry, you can find him on the sidelines, coaching the local girls football team. He's known for his inspirational halftime speeches, which have been known to include soccer balls, whiteboards, and spontaneous interpretive dances (the kids love it!).

But wait, there's more! Darren's heart beats to the rhythm of football. You'll often catch him passionately cheering on his favorite team, Liverpool, from the edge of his seat. Rumor has it that the office Wi-Fi has a dedicated channel just for Darren's live-streamed reactions during matches.

And when he's not immersed in the world of engineering, coaching, or football fandom, Darren is a dedicated family man. He cherishes every moment spent with his loved ones and can often be found at the family dinner table, regaling them with tales of workplace antics, coaching adventures, and his grand vision for our company.

In conclusion, Darren is not just our CEO; he's the heart and soul of our team, leading us with expertise, humor, and an unshakable passion for all things engineering, football, and family. So, if you ever need a winning game plan or an impassioned defense of Liverpool's latest performance, Darren's your guy!

Mich profile pic_edited.jpg

Michelle Mitchell


Say hello to Michelle, our Consultant Member Relations, and the maestro of making our members feel like royalty. With more experience in member management than a royal butler, Michelle's expertise ensures our members are pampered and satisfied.

Her life motto? "A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all" and "sell the solution, not the product." Michelle doesn't just serve solutions; she serves them with a flourish, often accompanied by a theatrical presentation involving magic tricks and interpretive dance (yes, she's known to turn even business into a Broadway production).

But Michelle doesn't stop there. In her spare time, she's our caped crusader, fighting homelessness and poverty with the same enthusiasm she brings to board meetings. She once negotiated a deal with a stubborn vending machine to donate snacks to the homeless every week. Talk about senior stakeholder-level negotiation skills!

Michelle's superpowers don't end with solving member mysteries. She's also an expert at identifying, researching, and harvesting new opportunities. In fact, rumour has it that she once discovered a hidden treasure map while walking her dog, turning a leisurely stroll into a business venture (the dog now has its own trust fund).

Her client management skills are so superb that clients often refer to her as "The Client Whisperer." She once resolved a heated debate about the best pizza toppings with such finesse that both parties walked away not only satisfied but also considering pizza-themed merchandise.

And when it comes to team leadership, Michelle's passion and energy are boundless. She motivates her team with pep talks and interpretive dances during meetings (they've gotten quite good at the cha-cha by now).

In conclusion, she's our secret weapon for turning every interaction into a memorable experience, from boardroom negotiations to charity crusades. So, if you ever need someone to solve a member's mystery, negotiate with vending machines, or add a dash of theatrics to your business strategy, Michelle is your go-to guru!

sharon foto.jpg

Sharon Wilkie

Head Of Sales

Introducing the newest addition to our team and the reigning champ of charm: Sharon our Head of Sales Extraordinaire!

Staring at a blank page? Not Sharon! She tackles challenges like a pro, armed with a smile and a witty retort.

Professionalism? Check. But Sharon takes it up a notch — she is practically the James Bond of customer service, always ready with a suave solution.

Detail-oriented? You betcha! If perfection had a face, it would probably be a selfie of Sharon. And when it comes to people, Sharon Isn't just people-oriented,  She is practically people-obsessed! Clients come first, second, and third on her priority list — right above coffee, but only just.

Now, let's talk spirit animals. Wolves and elephants, anyone?  Sharon sees a bit of herself in these majestic creatures. Like a wolf, they're fiercely protective of their pack (that's us, by the way). And an elephant?  Sharon never forgets a client's birthday or anniversary. Talk about memory goals!

Building relationships is Sharon's jam. She is  like the Cupid of networking, shooting arrows of camaraderie and sealing deals with a high-five. Plus, with a hint of South African sunshine in her veins, she brings that dose of warmth to every interaction.

When she isn't charming clients or crafting killer sales strategies, you'll find Sharon cultivating her garden oasis or revving up her superbike for a joyride. Because life's too short not to enjoy the ride, right?

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