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Our Mission

To support companies to develop and solve issues within various industries creating a more sustainable future. Providing a bespoke experience through integrity, honesty and collaboration, through sponsorship and exhibiting at our range of  bespoke dinner and networking events.  

Our Vision

Inspiring key figures through thought provoking, informative events and helping develop key solutions to issues in the ever changing world.

Two hands holding a connecting ball

Our Story

Anexis Live was created by the founder and owner Darren Kaye, who has been in the commercial events industry for over 10 years. Darren has worked closely beside major key clients within a diverse range of both engineering and technology sectors.

His vision for Anexis Live is to collaborate with companies working closely alongside clients ensuring  each individual client's needs and objectives are met. His target is to use a tailor made solution by strategizing from start to finish and aiming to inspire, engage and connect industries to build a safer sustainable future to come.

Darren Kaye CEO of Anexis

Anexis Live CEO and Founder Darren Kaye

Our team are dedicated to ensure that your needs are fully met. 

Our dedicated Account Managers work closely beside you every step of the way.


By collaborating together, enables us to give you the best tailor made solution giving you the best possible outcome to your requirements and objectives.

Experienced Leadership

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