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Exclusive CISO Roundtable Private Dinner.

Ransomware Attacks- Respond Don't React 


31st January 2024 

 Baur Au Lac

Talstrasse 1, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

What's in it for you

Take part in the Cohesity CISO Roundtable and discuss with the CISOs and Cohesity colleagues present various aspects that form the basis for every CISO to act smartly in the event of a cyber attack.

The challenge with a cyber attack is not IF but WHEN.

In a highly connected world, cyber attacks, particularly on modems, routers or IoT devices through ransomware and 

wiper attacks have the potential to become a destructive weapon for organizations, industries and states that are 

undermining digital trust and resilience  in unprecedented ways.



17.30 -18.00 Registration and Welcome

18.00 -18.20 Introductory keynote
Demistify threat developments

18.20 -19.30 CISO Roundtable Discussion 
                       Ransomware Attacks - Respond,Dont React!                             

19.30 -22.00 Apéro Riche and Networking

A brief introduction to Cohesity

Cohesity is a leader in AI-powered data security and management. Who make it easy to secure, protect, manage, and get value from data—across the data centre, edge, and cloud. Cohesity helps organisations defend against cybersecurity threats with comprehensive data security and management capabilities, including immutable backup snapshots, AI-based threat detection, monitoring malicious behaviour, and rapid recovery at scale. Cohesity solutions can be delivered as a service, self-managed, or provided by a Cohesity-powered partner.

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Reserve your seat & get your agenda by filling out the online registration form. 

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email and official invite along with your agenda for the evening.

We look forward to seeing you in Zurich
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