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Connecting the world together through technology
Providing effective solutions by connecting businesses together!

Enhance your lead generation solutions through our engineering and technology event solutions

Who is Anexis Live?

Anexis Live empowers companies that are leaders within their industry. Anexis Live develops solutions to raise  product awareness solving key issues. Keeping you up to date in the ever changing world, by connecting,  Informing and Inspiring others helps build a safer sustainable future. Connect through our engagement solutions and events of engineering and technology and networking dinners.

By working closely alongside our clients, allows us to find new ways to solve these key issues ensuring awareness of all new processes and current changes, through sponsorship and exhibiting at our range of bespoke dinner and networking events.


Our Audience Engagement.

Our events are fun and full of learning

Why is audience engagement important to us?

We know reaching the right audience is invaluable to our clients in order to grow and maintain their network. Our  dinners and other events are designed to connect your brand with the relevant people in your field.

Our dedicated team members, work with you to ensure that we are reaching your desired audience to invite to these events such as:

  • Engineering Managers

  • CEO

  • Ciso

  • Marketing Managers and Directors

  • Cyber Security Engineers

  • And Many More.

At Anexis Live, we're on a mission to transform the way you experience events. Forget passive participation – we're all about sparking real change. Imagine immersive expert talks, riveting discussions, and cutting-edge solutions all coming together to empower you to shape a sustainable future. Our events aren't just about showing up; they're about leaving with actionable insights that propel you into action. But it doesn't end there. We're committed to fuelling a journey of continuous learning and action, so you can become a sustainability champion in your own right. Join us and let's light the path to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow together!


Industrial city

Industries We Support

Net Zero

Cyber Security

Rail Tech

Autonomous Vehicles


Blue Light Services



Digital Twins

Defence & Space


Renewable Power Generation

Power Systems & Protection


Anexis Live are always looking to expand their portfolio of industries. If you would like to raise your profile in your chosen Industry, please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to help.

Bespoke Solutions 

Our bespoke solutions provide the perfect platform to have thought provoking conversations. By sharing ideas and collaborating with leaders  helping solve key issues within your industry.


We aim to help increase the visibility of the services and solutions, that your company provides. A strategic marketing solution enhances your brand throughout events, giving you the platform to showcase your brand, through websites, social media and other promotional activity.

By providing bespoke dinner & lunches, along with networking opportunities enables you to share new products, problems and solutions to your ideal selected audiences.

Partner with us

At Anexis Live, we believe in the strength of partnerships to drive a sustainable future. Join us to access exclusive discounts, shape discussions, and tackle industry issues together. Contact us now to explore partnership opportunities and create a safer, more sustainable tomorrow. Let's make a difference together!

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Our Supporters

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